The joy in every workout!  Here I am, back at it again!  As you can see, I LOVE to CROSSFIT! There really is a whole community and different level in every crossfitter.  I absolutely love crossfit and find so much strength in every workout! Not only in physical strength but mentally.  For those who like to make fun, call us crazy crossfitter’s or say we are egotistical, well that is ok.  I am definitely not here to judge but just know this, unless

In the community of really any sport, there is always a “why” to ones theory in their level of participation.  I know for me it keeps me sane…literally!  I am always off the days I don’t get a crossfit in or a run;) Of course one must rest during the week too, especially this preggo mama, but nevertheless, I NEVER regret getting my sweat on!  So remember, if you are ever feeling that fatigue and fighting against it to get your exercise in, whatever that looks like for you, get over it and get it done!  You and your body will always be thankful and feel much better when your done! #musclemamas


DearTara | Strong Fit Women 1

So you may be saying why is this girl rambling so much, well I am passionate about staying healthy, eating clean, keeping fit and helping others find their strengths in their own health and fitness goals!  Plus, I like to share the adrenaline behind it with others!  Here is a sneak peak of a workout a few weeks ago, #22weekspreggo;) with my favorite workout gal! Meet Meche Haflich owner of Fitbody Studio in Colorado Springs.  You will be seeing a lot more of her in my upcoming blog posts!  She has been a great friend of mine for many years, business partner on our Shaklee Team and her motivation in health, fitness and just plain life are so inspiring to me. Plus, we have a blast working out!  We laugh a lot, get caught up on life, say some not so nice things while working out and enjoy the crazy in every crossfit!  So here are some fun photos of us breaking the muscle down and doing what we love to do!  Enjoy a few laughs with our crazy faces in these butt busters..literally.  #squatingitout

DearTara | Strong Fit Women 2

This workout like many others, was a burner!  Heavy weights, strengthening those legs and a little endurance to finish.  I must give a shout out to one of the best gym’s in the spring area. Meet Crossfit Soco!  Soco is a crossfit gym here in Colorado Springs.  Kevin Montford, owner of Soco, has created such an amazing environment for every fitness enthusiast to professional athletes to feel welcomed there.  The trainers are truly there as well to help you not only succeed but finish every workout strong, even when you think there is no strong left in you!  The drive, motivation and leadership they teach in every class is so inspiring!  Plus, as I said before, it is so much fun!!  As they say “There are strength in numbers” that is a very true statement.  “We are better together” is another great inspiring quote I am reminded of.  Meet Abby Jorgenson, trainer at Soco.  She is the tough little gal behind us in some of the pics above!  Don’t underestimate her though, she is seriously super strong and implements a superior level of strength training during every workout for us to push harder.  In this workout, we were at about 155 lbs for our back squats.  Not too bad for us gals!  “Stronger today than I was yesterday” is exactly how I feel when I have a completed a workout with her and of course we all share in some good laughs along the way! Although, I think it was our funny faces that Abby was really laughing at!  At least our crazy faces is what motivates us to have fun and keep going when the struggle is real!  In the world of workouts, we clearly are our own entertainment!

Until next time…keep finding your strength in every workout and keep lifting;)

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