I am sitting here on this beautiful sunny 70′ day in Colorado, taking in all the rays!  I can’t get enough of this beautiful spring weather we are having!  Although I know we are bound for one more good snow but for now I am soaking up every second!  So you may be wondering, why the heck is she blogging about a race?! Well yes, races aren’t a big deal especially if you are an active and or elite runner, which I consider myself a very active runner.  I used to be a little more elite of a runner in my pre-baby days when I would place in my age group!  But for now, I run hard and just stay as motivated as I can!  Sometimes just trying to find the time to get my 3 runs in a week alongside my love for crossfit is challenging, even with Pierce in the jogger! So I do what I can when I can!

As you have already guessed, I am an avid runner.  I have run a lot of races in the last 7 years but this time, this race was different for me.  I am 22 weeks preggo and one of my goals throughout this pregnancy with Baby Grey was that I wanted to run a half marathon while pregnant. I always ran when I was pregnant with Pierce and worked out of course but never challenged myself to a race throughout pregnancy.  I know your probably thinking, “what the heck for”!? Well, it was just one of those goals I personally had and wanted to accomplish.  So I did just that!  At nearly 20 weeks preggo, I ran a very challenging yet beautiful race in Salida, Co, “Run Through Time” race.  If you are ever out in the area and love running, with amazing mountain views, then this race is for you!  The race is very hilly and many parts narrow trail, with challenging elevation gains starting at 7,000ft – 9,000ft but more importantly the views are truly spectacular!  Breathtaking really…


I trained hard or I should say as hard as I could with a little limitation of being pregnant..Let’s be honest, for all of you mamas out there, you will get this.  No matter what you do, there are just some things your body does to slow down while being pregnant.  One of them being energy!  Your energy is consumed by the sweet human life growing inside of you! Although at my age, 36 and with baby #2, I don’t think I am doing to bad;) I have to contribute first off to my focus while training for this race.  There is definitely something to be said for willpower!  Mental motivation comes first in any goal you set for yourself, whether in athleticism or life.  When you are determined to see your goals be met, nothing stops you from achieving them! Second, would be my nutrition.  I attribute much of my fitness goals, personal weight goals and overall health to natural supplementation, clean eating and exercise.  I will shout it from the hills as I have most of my entire life, but SHAKLEE IS THE BEST! Just a side note, but much before I ever made Shaklee my part-time gig, I always believed the products were far superior than any others I had tried on the market.  When you do your research and see not only a 60 plus year heritage in the company, still holding the #1 natural nutrition company in the world and an unparalleled amount of clinical research that surpasses the pharmaceutical industry, you know you have a trustworthy company!  I want the very best to put into my body because I know that what we put in we get out!

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So back to the race, my secret ingredients that got me through and to the finish line was our Shaklee Sports Nutrition. I have used these products in every race and without fail my body thanks me!  I feel very little fatigue and I don’t get the achy joints or fatigue in my muscle. My recovery process feels great and so far I have managed to have no injuries!  I was happy to finish the race right at exactly 2:59:50 chip time, placed 45 in female age group 30-39 and overall placed 181 out of 256 participants recorded times.  There were also more runners that didn’t finish, so I say, to finish strong at any level you are at is what matters!  I wanted to reach right under 3 hours and I did!  Barely but I did!  Actually, gun time finish was 3:00:09 but the chip time is what counts!  I had run this race a few years back and can’t remember exactly but finished around 2:30 and I remember it was hard back then, so in the end I was happy with my finish time, especially running with Baby Grey!  Her first race!  Thankful too for no injuries running the rocky slopes, hills and safely crossing the finish line!  In fact it seems at every race, I immediately start crying after the finish!  There is so much emotion and adrenaline that it is hard not to!

Plus, I had my biggest fans at the end of the race…daddy and sweet baby boy Pierce;) #pierceourhearts.  I also got to race with a good friend of ours from our running club, Dan Kurschner.  Way to go Dan for finishing 3rd in your age group!!!  So if you are thinking it is time for you to start running, continue running or even sign up for that stellar race that you didn’t think you can do, I am here to say you can do it!  Life is too short to waste, sitting on the side lines;)

Thanks for reading..if you made it this far;) I hope my words of encouragement reach out to those who may need it!

xo, Tara

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DearTara | The Race

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