Happy New Year and Cheers to your Best Self Yet in 2017!! Every year brings us new chances, new beginnings and a fresh new start to whatever goals you are reaching for! So go for it! Don’t let anyone tell you can’t!

No Fear in the New Year!

By popular demand, we are bringing back our Fantastically Fit Program this month!  Starting January 30th, you can join us for our 30-Day Simple Program designed to help you succeed with your weight-loss goals and get the results you are looking for.
Sign up by January 23rd to reserve your spot!  Click here for more details.

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We are jumping for joy and offering this month a new rewards program for all Shaklee members! For all your Shaklee purchases you earn a PV amount.  For every 100PV order you place in January I will personally send you a $15 Gift Certificate towards any Shaklee products on your next purchase! Yay!! So shop away!!

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Not a member yet? Want to join Shaklee and learn about all of our products and rewards?  Click here for more details! To help further support your nutritional needs, take your HealthPrint! Free for you! Find out all your health needs and more.  Click here.

Cheers Friends to your Best Self Yet!!
Xo, Tara



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