Turning Weight Loss Into Business Success: I had tried every diet imaginable. None of them worked for me. I was getting some vitamins from another company and some vitamins from the health food store. They were natural, but they weren’t working.


Baby Weight Gone

Beth: I was a marathoner in high school and college. I was in great shape, and I was obsessive about counting calories. However,

At Last 80 Pounds Gone

Kathie: I struggled with weight my whole life. By the time I reached my early 60s, I was seriously overweight and in poor health. I was prediabetic, …

Dr. Jamie: Launching a Healthier You

This is the time of year for shoveling snow, paying Christmas bills and making commitments to change something in the New Year—and since …

What Is Green Exercise?

In today’s world, it is not uncommon that people are looking for any and every avenue to “go green.” Whether it is purchasing products made through environmentally-considerate procedures and …

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