Hello Darlings!

Thanks for taking a peek & welcome to Dear Tara!

I’m Tara, owner and creator..or better known as a Colorado gal who enjoys helping people eat clean, stay fit and be healthy. Living in Colorado is really the perfect place. You get the best of both worlds. Gorgeous winters with beautiful mountains and lovely summers with breathtaking hikes. When you live in such beauty year round it is hard not to be motivated to be at your peak of optimal health!

You may be wondering why the name Dear Tara? Well for some time now I have helped many in finding the best healthy lifestyle for their day-to-day. Incorporating tools that I have personally found successful through personal trainers, friends, clean eating guru’s, resourceful companies, natural supplements, natural living products and just plain everyday people like you and me. So one of my besties said..”T” which I am often referred to..said “Since I was always the go-to-gal about clean eating, health and fitness questions, “Why don’t you call it “Dear Tara” kind of like “Dear Abbey”. I said that was perfect.. Since then it has always stuck and because I am a Colorado gal with a love for the outdoors..the “Dear” was a perfect fit!

My day to day looks like this: wife, newly mother, friend, health enthusiast, avid runner & fitness advocate.

With a degree in business communications and a passion pursuit for health and well-being it all comes together beautifully. I enjoy helping those in need of finding what works best for their lifestyle. I also studied at NTI to learn more about how food therapy is directly relational to our overall health. Fascinating how miraculous our bodies work when they are fed the right ingredients.

Dear Tara About Me

You will also find a touch of my few favs..in beauty, fashion, food, fun and life! So that’s a little bit about me, now more importantly I want to know about you! Would love to help you in your health and fitness goals..Drop me a note anytime!