Detox Finale!

Well you guessed it!  I finished my detox strong and with many efforts! Although, I only did the detox for three days..which was my personal limit!  I had every anticipation of doing it for a full week but realized that my body said enough is enough!  I am just being honest…and that it was blogging…

Purified Inside and Out

Purified Inside & Out

Detox – Day 2 So here it goes..I will spare you the details but give you just enough to spark your interest!  I decided before the New Year that I was going to start fresh and new into 2013.  To start, I decided to give my body a physical challenge of a new detox program…


The “Key” to Better Hydration

Smart Hydration for Better Workouts & Performance for your Day!   Did you know the human body is made up of 60% water? Physiologically, fluids assist in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream, provide lubrication in our joints and cushioning for our organs, and carry heat generated by exercise to the skin…