Motherhood..something I thought I was over and not anticipating at the age of 35.. but today I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Meet my baby Pierce…or also known as King Pierce, Sqauncho, Piercey, Fierce Pierce and Little Pike. He has captured the hearts of many..but first and foremost..mine.

I can’t even begin to think of life without him and yet my pregnancy was definitely not expected or planned.  He is the joy of my life and the stealer of my heart. I am so in love with this baby boy.. The power of love so unconditional and cleansing to my soul.

Motherhood is truly a gift given by God. He knows our souls and the depth to which we need love. Babes bring a love that is incomprehensible, unfathomable and simply  a deepening of the heart that reaches down to the depths of your most inner being, grabs hold of and never let’s go. The love fulfills a space in which you never even knew existed..and yet unconsciously you long for..

I am so thankful for the blessing of my sweet baby Pierce.

Dear Tara | Motherhood
Motherhood is truly a gift given by God. He knows our souls and the depth to which we need love.

My journey of motherhood, does definitely not go by the books so far anyways!  Pierce has a mind, a will, and a heart of his own.  I only have one babe, but I have realized that not every child goes by the fact, I bet more than not, most beat to their own drum.  So far, he has proven us wrong in every instance!  Just when we think we have him figured out…we don’t.  He surprises us every time.

During my pregnancy he was a stubborn little boy!  He was breach for what the doctors believe was about five months.  He would not turn for anything!  I always worked out, ran, lifted weights and even started swimming at the end of my pregnancy.  Nothing worked!  He was there to stay until they ripped him butt first out of my womb!  I was very thankful though, my c-section and recovery was great.

You know its envision motherhood as this glorious beautiful state of being.  When in reality, for some, it is completely the opposite.  Personally I have found that motherhood in its own right is beautiful but it also can come with an unbearable amount of pain and ugly.  Not just in birth, whether you had a c-section or birth naturally, there is a pain to bear but more so in the day-to-day.  Everything I excepted was the complete opposite.  But I couldn’t be more happier.  I am glad God keeps me guessing in every outcome of my life.

Pierce from day one was spoon fed (literally) in the hospital.  I was determined to breast-feed and not give up!  So what did I have to do? I pumped in the hospital and then we took the colostrum and spoon fed him to get him to eat!  From then on I knew breast-feeding would be a challenge.  The first couple months were horrific, painful and down right defeating..but I had made my mind up and I was not giving up without a fight! I kept thinking of those dumb ads about the beautiful women breastfeeding and making everything about it glorious.  Well I am here to say it is not so glorious for everyone!

Now it makes me laugh thinking about it..remembering the awful pain, crying, the maddening sense of no control and wondering why!? I used to think all I want is the very best for him and he is resisting me!  In the beginning of his first month in the world, our doctor was genuinely concerned because he was not gaining enough weight due to him being lazy and not latching on like he was supposed to.  We tried everything from a cold washcloth to get him to stay awake while he ate to getting him unclothed to keep him awake so he would eat and yet he would still dose off, cat nap or plain throw a fuss!

Did you know that about 75% of all over the counter supplements have mostly synthetics and fillers in their products!?  Not all supplements are created equal!

I decided to use our Shaklee products (Vanilla Mealshake, Incredivites, and my homemade almond milk or pumped breast milk) to create my own natural formula to help him gain the weight he needed.  I had my mind made up.  There was no way I was putting him on any over the counter formula!  I don’t care if they call it organic..I don’t trust any other company than Shaklee!  Since I know the research, longevity and science behind all of Shaklee’s products I knew I had to come up with something for baby Pierce.  Did you know that about 75% of all over the counter supplements have mostly synthetics and fillers in their products!?  Not all supplements are created equal! Due to them not being regulated they can fill them with whatever they want.  Staggering and scary statistics!  So here is a tip I learned, find out and research your company you are buying supplements from.  Make sure they have real clinical studies that have been published in medical journals. Then you know you have real proof of what exactly is being put into your supplements!  Well I will have you know that my natural formula worked!  Pierce starting gaining the weight he needed to and today he is a strong and healthy baby boy! The formula also helped him to sleep longer periods through the night and during the day he was not as fussy.

Today, he has gotten the hang of breastfeeding (a little too much now;) but we still give him two bottles a day of our homemade Shaklee formula and it really helps him to be satisfied during the day, helps him still nap better and sleep at night.  Although I think he is one of those babes who will never be a true napper!  Again, he is a babe that doesn’t fit the mold..but I am glad about that now.  He is his own person with a will to fight, to be strong and be determined.  Maybe not right now for his mama but someday those attributes will pay off!

Thank you to one of my very closest friends Heather @ Heather Roth Photography for truly capturing a moment in time with my baby are a photographer in its own class. Your art is stunning and captures every detail in its own beauty…love you to pieces and so thankful you are in my life!  xoxoxo