I have realized that my journey in Shaklee doesn’t just begin and end with one story…

it is all encompassing in every area of my life.  Through the years of consuming and using the products since I was a young child to today, I continue to be so thankful for how the “Shaklee Effect” has carried us through many different stories. Our family’s health, our friends health and those whom we’ve met along the way, Shaklee has made a profound impact.

Among many of our stories include one of the most pivotal moments in my life when I found out I had a borderline tumor inside my ovary.  I was 26 when I was diagnosed with the tumor.  The tumor was the size of a cantaloupe.  Pretty scary and crazy all at the same time!  My family had no history of cancer and are generally pretty healthy.  The doctors had said they thought the tumor was growing inside me for about three years.  The only thing that made sense to me was that this tumor had been driven by those three years of excessively drinking diet coke.  I usually would never drink diet coke usually because of the fake sweetners, but those three years I was on a kick drinking the stuff. Stupid for sure on my part but I guess they say you live and learn. Whose to say that, that was the cause for sure but it is the only thing that I changed in my diet then which to me is the only thing that makes sense.

Shaklee helped me immensely get my nutrition back on track after that. Even while my scar was healing, the doctors had said it was the best scar they had seen and heal so quickly.  I contribute it to all the vitamin c and our protein I was taking!

DearTara Shaklee Story

I could talk forever about my Shaklee 180 story!  But if you are interested in that you can jump over to my Shaklee 180 page and learn more about the products, plan and how it worked for me and many others!

Another great story is Shaklee through my pregnancy and for our sweet little baby boy, Pierce! Which I talk about briefly on the Shaklee Kids  page, but Pierce is already writing his Shaklee story everyday. If you are interested in hearing more about baby Pierce and my thoughts on being a mama, I invite you to take a peek on my Motherhood page.

So as you can see, Shaklee is not just one story for my family and I but for many more stories to come.  Through and through the products, lifestyle, and business is apart of every facet in our life!

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