Keith and Tara

We have walked many roads together in this beautiful world called life.  Meet Keith. My husband, father, lover and friend.

Our story really begins in short.  Met in Kansas City, engaged in Atlanta and married in beautiful Ouray in February with the most snow they had seen in 50 years!! Magical really… Our journey has taken us many places in the last 7 years. From Kansas City, to Atlanta, to beautiful Colorado!  We feel so blessed and fortunate to live in a beautiful  place and be inspired everyday.  Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon, just to name a few.  We love to run, hike and walk our sweet pup, her name is Bonnie.  Pretty much enjoy all things related to fitness and living life!

My husband and I believe that our journey has been the road less traveled. Through the good, bad and ugly we have overcome many obstacles in our journey of life.  By the grace of God, everyday, we choose each other.  Let’s just start by saying, I wouldn’t of changed anything, but we’ve shed many tears in our challenges, facing our fears and overcoming some pretty big things in our life.  Cancer, loss of family, loss of careers, loss of friends and all the other things in life that many of us never share.  We know that on this earth we are meant to live as if we are dying but when faced with death it becomes a completely different reality.

We found out Keith was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer at the age of 33 which was very rare to be diagnosed at such his age.  Usually it is found in younger men.  When faced with the scary reality of this we knew two things for sure.  Prayer and Health.   We fervently prayed to God and had many gracious people praying for Keith and I which to this day are eternally grateful.

Second, we knew that God made our bodies fearfully made.  So we equipped ourselves with more knowledge of how our bodies function on the best natural foods, the highest quality supplementation and the tools to defend our bodies in the environment in which we live. After his surgery, prayers, and high dosages of Shaklee we overcame.  We overcame again by the grace of God first and foremost and an ultra healthy lifestyle with the best natural supplementation.  In fact, Keith’s doctor, who is an amazing doctor and looks like Patrick Demsey;) said, “Keith well I don’t what you did, but keep doing it because the cancer is gone. “ No chemo, no treatment.  Today, we continue to strive to be the best stewards of our bodies as we can.

Some other monumental moments in our journey, was walking through unemployment due to a bad economy, losing the emotional support of some family and being separated from them, the loss of good friends whose memories still live on and everyday things good and bad in life.  We are like anyone else, imperfect, cranky, frustrated, happy, joyful, cryers, givers, and simply husband and wife.  We love on one another, fight and we drive each other absolutely insane;) But when it’s all said and done, we choose to do life with each other… I think our grandparents are married for 60 years plus because they made the decision that through the good, bad and ugly they choose to do life with each other..and that makes life worth living.  We aren’t one of those couples that seem like everything is beautiful and perfect.  We try to live the real out of life. We may post a cute pic on FB but be sure that right before it we were just talking about the budget of things needed for the house and probably fighting about what is most important! Sure..we try..but then life sets in and our new reality becomes all about living each day out and being happy at the end of the day to take in the view and just breathe..

I think this is what true love is really made of…all of the things you never expected,  a fear in which you didn’t know existed, the unknown of the plans you had, frustration in the dreams not fulfilled and the anxiety of whats to come, forgiveness of things unseen and all at the same time..its all ok…in fact in may be the very best thing..just what is needed to keep you together.

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