The wellness of our babies is vital for their lasting foundation of better health.

I was raised a Shaklee kid so I have had the knowledge of how important our health is from a very young age.  To this day I still carry the same out for my baby Pierce.  After my pregnancy I realized even more how important it was to keep getting the nutrients I needed so that I could give Pierce the best nutrients for him.  I breast-fed so I knew that whatever was going into my body was directly going into his. I incorporated eating a clean diet, taking the most natural and safest supplements and trying to get lots of rest was the best thing I could do for Pierce and myself.

My pregnancy consisted of giving birth to Pierce by a C-Section.  Pierce was breech for about five months and the doctors said there was no way he was going to turn!  Even with swimming, working out and lifting nothing got him to turn.  I guess he was just preparing me for his strong will while he was in the womb so it wouldn’t be a surprise to me when he was out of the womb!  He definitely has proven himself to be strong-willed! In fact, the doctors had to rip him out by his butt and his little legs were all the way wrapped around by his head!  So he had to be flattened out all day long after giving birth.  Poor little guy.  After my C-Section, the recovery was great.  Definitely a bit painful, obviously a different kind of pain versus a traditional birth but none the less a pain that is a process you have to go through. I knew that I needed to have the best recovery products available for the short-term and the long-term.  In addition to my prenatal care here is a list of supplements that got me out of the hospital two days early and helped me get on my feet after giving birth and in my recovery.

My Postnatal Supplementation Regiment
DearTara Performance Build Physique

Performance Physique + Bio Build Recovery Shake

In the past, I would usually use the Physique for strenuous workouts and crazy races!  Our Physique protein restores energy to your muscles and helps you recover faster.  So I figured if it works for me during many races and hard workouts it would be great for the energy it takes to give birth!  Especially when I found out I was giving birth by a C-Section I knew I needed the Physique to give my muscles the recovery they needed.  Physique is a unique blend of protein and carbohydrates and has been clinically proven to naturally activate and enhance the body’s recovery process after exercise.  I took that combined with my Shaklee 180 and I believe that helped my recovery immensely!

DearTara Performance Endurance

Performance Endurance Electrolyte Drink

This is pretty fascinating!  Performance Endurance is clinically proven to hydrate better than water. No joke!  Here’s the truth, it has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drinks on the market.  “My recovery is shorter and my workouts are better with Shaklee.” (Jordan Malone – Speedskating bronze medalist – Shaklee Pure Performance Athlete) I have always used this, not only for my crazy workouts and runs but also for those hot summer days when you need to be refreshed!  When I was pregnant I used this during my workouts and especially after giving birth, it was a life saver in the hospital!  I was well hydrated and stayed nutrient filled during my recovery.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Vitalized Immunity

Vitalized Immunity

My power charger supplement!  I took this before and after my pregnancy to help me stay healthy especially during the winter months!  Daily our bodies are constantly under attack due to stress, poor nutrition, pollution and fatigue.  Vitalized Immunity is meant to give you that extra boost of nutrients when you need it most! Vitalized Immunity is naturally sweetened with monk fruit, and contains as much vitamin-C s 16 oranges!  It also contains an exclusive formulation of 19 vitamins and minerals with a proprietary blend.  The second I feel like I may be getting sick or feel that strain of fatigue, I pop one of these in my water and literally by the end of the day I begin to feel better!

Dear Tara | Shaklee OmegaGuard


As it is highly recognized today, getting our essential fatty acids is very important for our all over health.  OmegaGuard is a full spectrum of seven ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 essential fatty acids naturally found in small, cold-wate fish, and delivers more EPA and DHA than other brands.  Plus you don’t get that nasty fish taste either! The Shaklee Difference ensures that the purity and potency of the fish oil in OmegaGuard undergoes a state-of-the-art molecular distillation process that removes lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, dioxins, PCB’s and other contaminants. Taking your omega’s help to reduce the risk of heart disease and other inflammations at the cellular level.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Alfalfa Complex

Alfalfa Complex

Experience a supplement that provides a wide range of nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, chlorophyll, and bioflavonoids.  I had always used this product to help aid in my crazy allergies and for joint health but after pregnancy I learned that Alfalfa is amazing in helping my milk production.  I guess that’s why they give it to Cow’s!  I also know horse breeders that give it to their horses to help with their joints as well.  I will take our Alfalfa Complex about an hour before and my milk production will literally double!  Pretty amazing I think!  Also, Alfalfa Complex is a Shaklee Signature Formula originally developed by Dr. Shaklee.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Mindworks


This product is seriously mind-blowing!  Only available to Shaklee, Mindworks contains a chardonnay grape seed polyphenol blend created using a patent-pending water extraction process that results in a 30x concentrate of specific polyphenols. These polyphenols have been shown in clinical studies to be more bioavailable and impact healthy blood vessel function.  This extract is designed to help make vital nutrients available to the brain by supporting healthy circulation.  Mindworks enhances mental sharpness with better memory and focus and long-term brain health.  Definitely comes in handy when dealing with mommy brain!

Dear Tara | Shaklee Stress Relief Complex

Stress Relief Complex

Say goodbye to that feeling of anxiety and stress with our Stress Relief Complex.  After pregnancy I was faced with all those crazy emotions of battling stress, recovery and a new baby.  Particularly a little more of a high maintenance baby!  Stress can elevate your body’s level of cortisol, and continuously high levels have been linked to long-term health effects.  Stress Relief Complex is a natural way to relieve stress and still feel alert.  I am so thankful for this product!  I have a whole new level of stress that I didn’t know was possible! This product takes the edge off and even helps me sleep.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Iron Plus C Complex

Iron Plus C Complex

Living in Colorado I realized that especially after pregnancy and breast-feeding, I needed more iron than the average person.  Iron Plus C Complex helps to support oxygen-rich blood, fight fatigue, improves concentration and repair to the immune system.  Iron functions as a component of hemoglobin, which is an essential compound that carries vital oxygen from the lungs to the tissues throughout the body.   Between taking care of Pierce, being a mother, being a wife, working, working out and just being human, I needed more iron!  Plus the extra vitamin C is great for the immune system and is better absorbed.