Our nutrition is one of the most vital aspects of our lives.

I have always believed in the importance of supplementing and getting the best nutrition available. Did you know that 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diets?  These same nutrients are essential to living a long healthy life, or I should say a better quality of life.  To build a solid foundation of health you need key nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals.

Another fact, did you know that many over the counter prenatal vitamins are filled with synthetics and fillers?  There have been numerous testimonies of this but one that sticks out is from a personal trainer who did a test on a prenatal vitamin.  She put the vitamin in a plastic cup with water.  The goal was to have it dissolve within about 15-30 minutes (that shows the quality of the vitamin if it dissolves in that time frame).  If it doesn’t then that vitamin is not doing you any good. Well her story ended with quite a surprise!  The vitamin didn’t dissolve but more shocking was that she returned to the cup a day later finding a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup!  The vitamin had eaten its way through the plastic cup!  Now if that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what will. Not all supplements are created equal!

When I became pregnant I knew that it was equally important to give my baby the best nutrition. The amazing reality of helping to create a life that is growing inside of you can be very exciting and scary all at the same time!  I felt very confident in relying on Shaklee supplements for my prenatal plan.  I took the knowledge from other nutritionists, doctors, nurses and personal friends and designed a plan that worked best for me incorporating our Shaklee supplements.  For more information on other supplements I used throughout my pregnancy that aren’t listed below, jump over to my Healthy Foundations page for a list of additional supplements.

Listen to Dr. Jamie McManus talk about the importance of prenatal supplement care.

My Prenatal Supplementation Regiment
Shaklee | Vitalizer for Women


I decided to take our Vitalizer for women to get the most nutrients in one convenient easy to take strip.  The Vitalizer is packed full of 80 bio-optimized nutrients, which provides your essential daily vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and probiotics. Great for bone health, breast health, heart health, immune health, physical energy, reproductive health, digestive health and healthy skin, hair and nails. Plus we have a patented delivery system!  The Vitalizer is designed to absorb in your body with a sustained release delivery over a 12 hour period.  Pretty amazing!

Dear Tara | Shaklee Nutriferon


Nutriferon is an exclusive, patented formula, that provides immune support at the cellular level.  This product is truly a powerful breakthrough in science and the only one like it in the U.S.!  Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, a world-renowned immunologist, designed Nutriferon to naturally increase the production of interferon in the body. This gave me great immune support during and after my pregnancy.  I also take this daily to aid in wellness and allergy support.

Dear Tara | Shaklee B-Complex


This supplement helps support the brain, heart, lungs and other essential organs. B vitamins are vital for our bodies to function properly.  They help convert food into energy for your cells.  Since folic acid is essential especially when you are pregnant, I added this in addition to my Vitalizer so I would get extra B-complex into my daily plan.   Plus, it helped in nausea and gave me a sustained energy throughout the day.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Meal Shakes

Shaklee Meal Shakes

I used at least one Shaklee 180 shake a day to get my vital nutrients and protein. With 24 grams of protein in the shakes and 6 grams of fiber, it helped me feel full when I needed it.  Shaklee 180 is designed with leucine so that helped me to stay fit and lean through my pregnancy too.  I also used the Shaklee 180 meal bars and snack bars to help fuel me and the energy teas to give me a boost!  Plus all the flavors of the bars are really good!

Dear Tara | Stomach Soothing Complex

Stomach Soothing Complex

Stomach Soothing Complex to the rescue!!  Through the nausea and that icky feeling, wondering, why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day, this product was my saving grace! Morning, noon and night I could always count on Stomach Soothing Complex to get me through those daunting days of sickness.  Made with peppermint, ginger, fennel and anise it was a necessity for me and the sanity of my peers!

Dear Tara | OsteoMatrix


OsteoMatrix is designed with a specialized blend of calcium, vitamins D, K, and magnesium to help build better bone density when you’re young and minimize bone loss as you age.  Even though I knew I was getting these nutrients in my Vitalizer strip daily, I still decided to add this to my regiment.  Calcium is a natural sleep aid so I thought why not, it can’t hurt!  Needless to say, it worked!  I took two OsteoMatrix at night to help me sleep through the restlessness of being uncomfortable and pregnant. Today, I still take it at night to help me sleep..and it works gloriously!

Dear Tara | Shaklee Vita-D3


Ok I seriously think that our Vita-D3 is the miracle supplement for anyone!! Statistics show that most people don’t get enough Vitamin D even when they are in the sunny states! Which is why pediatricians are advising us to put our babes on 400IU extra Vitamin D a day.  Which of course I take 1 Vitamin D and split into thirds for our baby Pierce.  I crush a third of it and put it into his breast milk or Shaklee formula a day.  I truly believe that our Vita-D3 is completely different than any others.  About half-way through my pregnancy, I added an extra 1,000IU of Vita-D3 daily and I never got sick. Even in the winter months, I was able to fend off the dreaded cold and flu.  I am still tried and true in taking it daily, especially through the fall and winter months.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Herb-Lax


Thank the good Lord for this product!  I have taken this product for years and it never fails me!  I have plenty of testimonials too of my friends who can’t live without the Herb-Lax. I don’t know what I do without it..seriously. Before and after pregnancy, this got me through the uneasiness and irritability.  Herb-Lax is a gentle laxative and helps to mildly cleanse the body.  Herb-lax is a proprietary blend of senna leaf and other nutrients to be used as a natural laxative.  During pregnancy your digestive track slows down immensely making it hard for things to freely pass through the body.  Contrary to popular belief, so many say, no laxatives during pregnancy because it can send you into an early labor, well maybe with regular over the counter laxatives but not Shaklee.  I have and always will believe in the Shaklee Difference. The safety and purity behind their products are unsurpassable.

Dear Tara | Shaklee Zinc Complex

Zinc Complex

Zinc helps to support cell growth and development it also helps support normal thyroid function and maintain normal immune function.  Plus, Zinc is a natural aphrodisiac! Can’t go wrong with that! I also believe that our Zinc Complex helped me to a fend off the winter blues with sickness and flu.  Yet again, another great tool to help aid in better immune health.  To this day, I continue to take Zinc Complex daily to keep my immune system ready to fight!

DearTara Performance Energy Chews

Energy Chews

I am generally a pretty energetic person but when I was hit with pregnancy it was a whole different story!  Pregnancy literally sucked the life out of me..which I guess it makes sense because I was in the process of creating another life! Our Energy Chews  was a life saver for me.  Each Energy Chew is a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins, and vitamin D.  Shaklee Energy Chews were the best through daily workouts and pushing through the blues.