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A quality that I have always loved about Shaklee is that since the beginning of their existence, they have lead the way in creating the most natural and safest products for you and the planet.

Since Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee founded the company, they have based their principles on living in harmony with nature. They have been committed to developing products to improve the health of people and the planet for nearly 60 years.

All of our “Get Clean” cleaning products are natural, nontoxic, and no harmful fumes, phthalates, phosphates or bisphenol-A (BPA).  Always safe, always works and always green!  One of my favorites for every cleaning need is our Basic-H!  Basic-H was introduced in the 1960’s as one of the first concentrated organic cleaners.  Also one of the first nontoxic biodegradable cleaners.  Healthy for you and your home.  Shaklee cleaning products are the safest and rivals or outperforms 20 national brands including Seventh Generation, Whole Foods Liquid Dish Wash Soap, Ultra Palmolive, Cascade Complete, Lysol and OxiClean just to name a few.  Especially for our little ones, they are the safest cleaning products on the market, the smartest for your wallet and the greenest for the planet!

Today, Shaklee continues to carry out their mission in raising awareness globally, leading in environmental achievements, embracing climate change initiatives, and eco-alliances.  I think it is pretty amazing that Shaklee became the first Climate Neutral™ certified company in the U.S.

Once again, proving to be a company in its own class!