Being a mother now, I realize how much more important it is to have the most natural and safest products for our babies skin and health.  I was raised a Shaklee babe and so thankful I can raise my own little Shaklee babe.  Now more than ever I know it is so crucial to start our little ones as early as possible on the best nutrition and skincare products, before birth and after. What goes in our bodies and on them starts with us.

You will fall in love with our organic and natural baby lotion, massage oil and baby wash.  I swear it is one of the many things that puts my babe “Pierce” to sleep at night.

Our night time regiment is then followed with a bottle of our Meal Shake. Since Pierce was 3 weeks old, I started out giving him about a 1/4 tsp of the French Vanilla Meal Shake in my breast milk or almond milk to help aid in him getting more sleep at night and to help him gain a little more weight. I feared having to put him on store bought formula, full well knowing that most over the counter nutrition products are filled with synthetics and fillers.  I also knew that starting Pierce on the Meal Shakes would give him the extra nutrients his body needed.  He went from waking up every hour or hour and half to waking up every four to five hours.  That was when he was just a newborn.  He currently sleeps about six to seven hours a night at 3 months old. Plus, I know exactly what is going into his body because all of our products are based on science and clinical studies to back them up. Providing the most natural and safest products on the market.

Once again, Shaklee proved themselves!  In every area of my life, I truly feel that Shaklee never lets me down.  I am so thankful I have Shaklee and never had to resort to over the counter nutritional and skincare products for my most precious babe. I have trusted Shaklee products for 30 years and am proud to celebrate their 100 years of the Shaklee effect!