Shaklee Healthy Nutrition

Some of my personal favorites and daily must haves!

Build a base of better health with our Vitalizing Protein or Shaklee 180 Smoothies, Vitalizer and Nutriferon.  I have always used these daily and am not usually sick.  Especially this past year, I noticed a difference through my pregnancy and after that I did not get sick and I had more energy. I also added into my daily regiment, our Physique + Bio-Build Recovery shake, Performance Endurance drink for hydration, Energy Chews, Vita D, Zinc, B-Complex, OmegaGuard, Vitalized Immunity, Alfalfa Complex, Herb-lax and OsteoMatrix.  All of these added supplements aided in extra immunity support for me and through my pregnancy.  Calcium is also a natural sleep aid, which helped immensely during nights of restless sleep throughout my pregnancy.

During my pregnancy a few other products I used were our Stomach Soothing Complex, for that wretched morning sickness and Ez-Gest for the heartburn!  So thankful for these natural and safe products!  I knew I was getting the best nutrition and my soon to be baby at the time was too!  Since Pierce has been born, I still incorporate all of these products alongside our Stress Relief Complex for those days when I can’t figure out why he won’t stop crying!  Mama’s need a time out too! Thank you Shaklee for offering us the best solutions for our health and mind.