Shaklee 180 products are a tool that I will always use daily!  I have found in this program they are the most effective and safest weight-loss products available.  Shaklee developed Shaklee 180 based on clinically tested products designed to help you burn the fat and not your muscle! Lean muscle mass equals higher metabolism.

Take your weight in a whole new direction!  The 180 stands for 90 days to lose the weight and 90 days to learn how to keep it off.  Shaklee uses the most natural ingredients combined with the powerful combination of leucine to help retain your lean muscle while you burn the fat.  There are absolutely no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, they are gluten-free and Shaklee only uses non-GMO soy protein.  All of the options from our delicious flavors of our smoothies to our meal-in-a-bars to our energy teas make it very convenient when you live a busy lifestyle and need something nutritious on the go!

In order for any program to work in your weight-loss goals, you need the right tools, the right food, and the right rewards to propel you in meeting lasting goals!  Shaklee 180 was designed for all things to work together to help you in meeting your goals.  Plus our rewards definitely pay off!  Not only when you start on the 180 plan in losing the weight you also have a chance at entering our Healthy Competition for your reward!  Find out more on my Shaklee 180 page how you can enter into win fabulous trips!  There are also fun prizes to be had when you download our Shaklee 180 app and play the games.  Check out more of our 180 products below.   Whether you are interested in losing 50 lbs or just leaning up to fit into that one size smaller pair of jeans, all of the 180 products help you make it a perfect fit!