When Shaklee 180 launched it was a dynamic duo to my health and the health of many in our team! I generally have always been pretty healthy and active most of my adult life. But in the last couple years I knew I wanted to get much leaner and stronger in my fitness goals as well. I am an avid runner, hiker and enjoy strength training. I wanted my race times to be faster, to be stronger in strength training and generally feel more energetic. Shaklee 180 helped me do just that! It helped me reduce my body fat and keep my lean muscle mass all while getting stronger in all my fitness goals! Shaklee 180 is not just a product for me but a lifeline to my goals and lifestyle.

The fun part about using Shaklee 180 is that you can participate in all the amazing rewards Shaklee has to offer too!  By using the products you can share your story and be entered in to win healthy rewards!  Be entered into win a once-in-a-lifetime all expense paid trip to San Francisco, 4 nights 5 day stay! Complete with a makeover, photoshoot and a tour of Shaklee Corporation.  See the incredible sites of San Francisco, walk the pier, enjoy a five star hotel stay and be wined and dined! You also have the chance to be entered into the Grand Prize with a trip to Paris complete with a makeover, photoshoot, five star hotel stay and much more!

Dear Tara | Tara Hawbaker
When I found out I was one of the Healthy Competition Winners, I was so stoked!

I couldn’t believe they chose me!”

When I found out I was one of the Healthy Competition Winners, I was so stoked! I couldn’t believe that I was chosen and that my husband and I were getting an all major expense paid trip to San Francisco! My husband is a pilot and usually we fly standby. So we were even more excited to have real tickets purchased for us to fly! Shaklee treated us like celebrities. Their gift to us was more than we could have ever imagined.

From the arrival at the airport with our own personal limos, to checking in at our hotel showered with gifts, to our luxurious room, then off to the wardrobe styling was just the first part of the day’s excitement. Later that day we had a blast enjoying the pier, sea lions, oysters and beautiful pictures on the wharf. The following day we were whisked away in another limo to the photo shoot at the Home Office. This was my favorite part. I loved it all! My own personal makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist! Getting all dolled up for one shoot, and then getting into my workout gear for another shoot was awesome! I enjoyed getting a pseudo-workout in with my pull-ups and runs outside with the video crew. It was great! Then Shaklee brought us yet another limo to take us back to the hotel and get beautified for a night on the town. Shaklee wined and dined us at an exquisite bistro overlooking the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Shaklee crew and all of us winners had an absolute blast! The next morning we were treated with a tour of the city on a land and water duck boat. It was hilarious! I haven’t laughed for three hours straight in a very long time. Many great laughs and memories were shared by all.

It is through our biggest fears that we can overcome and conquer that to which we put our minds too.”, Tara

The Healthy Competition has helped me get back on track with many new goals! Not only being a winner and getting the fantastic prizes, trips and was in the running for the Paris trip but accomplishing long-term goals in my Shaklee business, personal health and fitness goals has been the Grand Prize for me. Being a Shaklee 180 winner has given me a new frame of mind for my business, in helping many others find their goals in health, offering them an opportunity to own their own business and help them accomplish their dreams.  The best part is no matter what your dreams are, Shaklee can be a tool in helping you make those dreams a reality.

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